The history of Cavel Games is traced back to a family holiday tradition. Each Christmas season our parents decided on an activity in which family members would participate. The goal of each activity was to expand the kids’ cultural perspective on things outside the world of sports – whether it was art, music, or something else.

One year, our parents challenged us to develop a board game of some kind. So, in 2010, the first board game was made, played, and received with a good level of excitement. From there several family-style board games have emerged, and Cavel Game Company was created. We are now looking to spread the reaches of our family-centric, tabletop board game line by bringing to market one of our more popular games – Pillaged Islands: Battle of the Buccaneers This fast-paced, adventure-filled game brings to the table an evening of fun, laughter, and swashbuckling behavior that friends and family can enjoy. We have tested the game with extended family members and friends and the game has been embraced by all who played it.  In fact, many have ordered the game to have for their families. For more information about Cavel Games or Pillaged Islands: Battle of the Buccaneers please visit us at